In The Spotlight

Patrick Storedahl – “Family Tree (Hi Dee Ho)”

This Olympia, Washington-based singer, songwriter and musician discovered the guitar as a kid and starting writing songs at 14. Despite still maintaining a regular day job, he released 6 CD’s and 2 EP’s with local rockers Just Plain Bill and is a member of several others. Famed for his well-crafted melodies and poetic lyricism, his Kinks-like debut solo project “Ink Block Fingerprint” dropped in 2004.

Taken from his 2018 EP “Garage Sessions Vol. 1: Her”, his latest single blends rock and pop with a predominantly folky blues vibe, creating an irresistibly unique sound. The organic feel of the acoustic instrumentation of plucky guitar, drums and organ, all played by himself, is as refreshing as it is energizing and with his gritty, yet cheeky story-telling vocals, this is a euphonious earworm.

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Music History

Heart – “There’s The Girl”

From their album “Bad Animals” (1987):

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New Music

Neon Dreams – “High School Dropout”

This is the funky new single by Canadian electro-pop duo Neon Dreams:

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