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CARDS & SITA – “Shouldn’t Be Sorry”

After years of focusing on working with other artists, both in the studio and on stage, Los Angeles-based producer and songwriter Mike O. created a solo project in 2017 under the CARDS moniker, in order to write and release his own eclectic styled music. Not genre specific, his sound is always evolving and exploring new musical influences to add to a commercial indie-pop foundation.

Enlisting the vocal talents of songstress SITA, his latest single is a delicious smooth groove. The jazzy laidback vibe from the acoustic guitar strums and the suave rhythm give it a polished luster, while the electro guitar solo adds a bit of a bite. The silky, 60s-dipped, harmonious vocals stroke your eardrums, while the mellow melody daydreams about the warmth of a radiant Summer day.

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Music History

Taylor Dayne – “I’ll Be Your Shelter”

From her album “Can’t Fight Fate” (1989):

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New Music

Wild Youth – “Making Me Dance”

This is the new single by Irish foursome Wild Youth:

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