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Hooked Like Helen – “No Turning Back”

Created in a house in the woods near Cleveland, husband and wife duo Nikki and Jonathan Stipp’s experimental home recordings developed into their own unique alt-pop brainchild. With organic, electronic production, their melodic retro groove is offset by sad and dark lyrics. They’ve also had their songs featured on MTV’s “Unlocking The Truth” and the movie “High Strung, Free Dance” in 2018.

Touched by both the tunes of the 80s, as the grooves from the noughties, this delicious taster of their upcoming EP “Tragedy Of Physics” – which is due to be released on May 17th – is a soaring slice of bouncy alt-pop. The multi-colored musical hues of the pulsating melody merge effortlessly with the breezy tremble of the vocals, making this an infectious, uplifting jam that will make you smile.

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Music History

Kool & The Gang – “Be My Lady”

From their album “Something Special” (1981):

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New Music

Lawrence – “The Heartburn Song”

From their album “Living Room” (2018):

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