In The Spotlight

Lizzy Land – “Messed Up”

Born in Portland, Oregon, this tenacious singer and songwriter grew up with the music of The Cranberries, The Spice Girls and Sade, which helped to shape her own, authentic pop sound. After a move to Los Angeles in 2013, she worked with artists like Empire Of The Sun and Paul Oakenfold. Showing off her compelling vocals, she released her fresh debut single “Sweet Melodies” in 2016.

The almost hypnotic rhythm of the mesmeric bass line and sleek electric guitar plucks of her latest single sound like they’re dipped in shiny 80s vibes, while the lustrous chorus adds a contemporary ambiance. With a slight quiver in her silky vocals, singing about her personal struggle with social anxiety, she shapes an enchanting, ethereal pop world with an irresistible honesty and allure.

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Music History

Jeff Lynne – “Lift Me Up”

From his album “Armchair Theatre” (1990):

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New Music

Leela James & The Truth Band – “That Woman”

From her upcoming EP “Are You Ready”, to be released on 12 April 2019:

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