In The Spotlight

Vivie Ann – “Cold Water”

This inspirational German singer and songwriter’s journey went from sleeping in her father’s keyboard case as a child, while her musician parents were on stage, via some challenging health issues, to founding her own independent record label. With a rejuvenated passion for life, she creates skillful alt-pop music with honest lyrics and released her debut album “Flowers & Tigers” in 2016.

Taken from her upcoming sophomore album “When The Harbour Becomes The Sea”, to be released on March 15th, her latest single touches all corners on the musical spectrum. Starting with a soft, wistful vibe, she slowly adds intricate melodious elements, until truly erupting with an infectious exuberance in the anthemic chorus, giving her intense, voluminous vocals a sparkling quality.

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Music History

Chris Rea – “Auberge”

From his album “Auberge” (1991):

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New Music

Ava Max – “So Am I”

This is the new single by L.A.-based pop songstress Ava Max:

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