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Jennah Bell – “Can’t Be Too Careful”

With her roots planted firmly in the Bay Area of California, this unorthodox singer and songwriter grew up surrounded by Oakland soul. However, she engineered her own colorful fusion of folk, soul, R&B and Bluegrass. She furthered her musical vision at the Berklee College Of Music and was mentored by Paul Simon. After a move to New York, she released her debut EP “Early Bird” in 2011.

With a mischievous beat pulsating in the veins of the rebellious electric guitars, her new single merges vintage Rhythm & Blues with a distinctly modern vibe. Taken from her album “Anchors & Elephants”, she uses her vocal palette to splash some 60s soul shades, New Orleans Blues hues and a touch of Bluegrass tints onto a melodic canvas and creates a recalcitrant pastiche of auditory art.

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Music History

Ben L’Oncle Soul – “Little Sister”

From his album “Ben L’Oncle Soul” (2011):

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New Music

Maya Killtron – “Red Dress”

From her upcoming album “Never Dance Alone”, to be released on 22 March 2019:

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