In The Spotlight

Hannah Savage – “Do This”

Born and raised in Philadelphia, this multi-talented vocalist, songwriter, actress and dancer has been training since she was a child. Aged 11, she landed her first lead role playing “Annie” on stage. Trained at the Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute, she performs in cabarets and appears in the 2020 Discovery TV show “Dead Reckoning”. Musically she debuted her single “Feel Something” in 2019.

Shelving the musical theatre sound she loves and taking the best from early 2000s pop and classic Philly soul, her new single is a delicious broth of different influences. Welcoming you into her musical world with fanfare brass, soon you will meet the bobbing rhythm and mild keys. With her mighty, brazen vocals and the cheeky backing singers, this luscious jam is audacious and full of panache.

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Music History

Crowded House – “World Where You Live”

From their album “Crowded House” (1986):

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New Music

Smith & Thell – “Radioactive Rain”

From their upcoming album “Pixie’s Parasol”, to be released on 5 February 2021:

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