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Sarah Hemi – “I Really Like You”

Originally from New Zealand, but now based in Japan, this singer, songwriter and model grew up in a very musical family. Her brother taught her how to play guitar at 11 and she wrote her first song aged 12. Intertwining her respect for her Maori-Japanese roots and her love for R&B and Neo-Soul, she refined her unique sound. She recently debuted her solo-project with her EP “Doki Doki”.

Being greeted by the velveteen sound of a solitary mellow guitar, her new single sounds like it’s captured a lazy Summers afternoon in melodic form. With the warmth of her dreamy vocals gently floating over the silvery notes, emanating positive vibes, you could feel the sunbeams touching your ears. And with a smooth, rhythmic chorus, this heartfelt and uplifting gem is a soothing sonic sunrise.

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Music History

Paul McCartney – “The World Tonight”

From his album “Flaming Pie” (1997):

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New Music

Brynn Elliott – “Tell Me I’m Pretty”

From her upcoming EP “CAN I BE REAL?”, to be released later this year:

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