In The Spotlight

The Planetoids – “My Only Religion”

Reputedly from Mars (but secretly from Hannover), this German quartet has invented a sound they call Groove Pop. It combines pop with elements from funk, indie and disco. Jonas Sercombe, Piet Charlet, Sven Tamplin and Kai Maas have been making music since 2014. It’s rumored that they topped the charts on Mars, Venus and Jupiter, but on Earth they debuted with “Enjoy The Show” in 2014.

Teasing the upcoming release of their new EP “Fuchsia”, dropping March 21st, they are yet again trying to conquer Planet Earth with their new, discolicious single. Covering a 70s disco beat with modern electronic vibes, all leading to an 80s-inspired pop chorus, makes this track a vintage-dipped auditory synthesis. Sparkling, catchy and highly danceable, this intergalactic groove is out of this world.

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Music History

Chaka Khan – “Can’t Stop The Street”

From the soundtrack of the movie “Krush Groove” (1985):

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New Music

Weezer – “All My Favorite Songs”

From their upcoming album “OK Human”, to be released on 29 January 2021:

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