In The Spotlight

Levon – “Gravity”

“You have no idea who we are, but we’re about to be great friends”, says lead singer Michael David Hall at every gig. Together with Jake Singleton and Ryan Holladay, they’ve created a soulful sound drawing from past and present. Named after The Band’s Levon Helm, as well as Elton John’s song “Levon”, they share a passion for the timeless quality of the 70s. They debuted with their self-titled EP in 2017.

Drawing you in with sheer musical magnetism, their new single packs a vintage-touched pop song full of soul and fun. Draped in a sparkling contemporary production, this upbeat groove finds the perfect balance between their love for the 70s, a touch of the 90s and modern vibes. And with some infectious hooks, joyous vocal power and sonic glitter, this poplicious tune is filled with auditory vitality.

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Music History

Spagna – “Call Me”

From her album “Dedicated To The Moon” (1987):

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New Music

Jon Batiste – “I NEED YOU”

From his upcoming album “WE ARE”, to be released on 19 March 2021:

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