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Moon Rise City – “Crawling Slowly”

The talents of South African singer and songwriter Lauren Tracy and French guitarist Indy Laville crossed paths in Vietnam. Blending different cultures and influenced by various artists like The Beatles, Queen and Otis Redding, they fuse soul, swing, jazz, rock and psychedelia with poetic lyricism. Fiercely independent, they debuted their richly layered sound with “Shadows Of The Trees” in 2020.

Written to provide solace to those who are going through a difficult time, their new single is an empowering smooth groove with a splash of jazz and a pinch of rock. Merging as one, the alluring melody is as sultry and sensuous as her luscious vocals, singing about the ups and downs of toxic relationships. And with Indy’s stunning, Santana-like guitar mastery, this gem is a silken musical extravagance.

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Music History

Prince – “I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man”

From his album “Sign “O” The Times” (1987):

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New Music

Laura Rain & The Caesars – “Closer To The Win”

Moving closer with a silky smooth, vintage soul hug, this is the new single by Laura Rain & The Caesars:

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