In The Spotlight

Debórah Bond – “Radio”

Having grown up absorbing the 70s and 80s soul music that filled her childhood home, this singer, songwriter, radio host and voice-over artist moved to Washington DC to study journalism. She dove into the local music scene and partnered with famed production team Third Logic. Influenced by Anita Baker, Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder, she debuted with the album “Day After” in 2003.

The overwhelming feelings that come with the end of a relationship are woven into the fabric of this impressive track. Although those threads are sad, her new single is anything but. With a powerful R&B rhythm, delicious vintage-dipped keys and 80s guitars, this jam blends jazz, soul and neon pop. And with the empathic, upbeat might of her soulful vocals, this groove turns sadness into hope.

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Music History

Elton John – “Wonderful Crazy Night”

From his album “Wonderful Crazy Night” (2016):

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New Music

Rebecca Black – “Girlfriend”

Kicking off 2021 with a sparkling joyous bop, this is the new single by Rebecca Black:

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