In The Spotlight

Maude Latour – “Walk Backwards”

Native to New York City, this storytelling pop singer and songwriter grew up moving around, having lived in London and Hong Kong before settling back in New York. She started singing in an acapella group in high school and began writing and performing her own songs based on life experiences. Influenced by rebels like King Princess and Lana Del Rey, she debuted with her EP “Starsick” in 2019.

Driven by a bouncy bassline and a punchy beat, her new single searches for a balance between current indie-pop and a vintage tinge. Introducing the playful melody in its infectious chorus, her smoky vocals tackle the blurry line between love and romance of a relationship with your best friend. Managing to blend deeper level emotion with a sonic summer sunset, she is definitely moving forwards.

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Music History

Jamiroquai – “Canned Heat”

From their album “Synkronized” (1999):

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New Music

Sabina Ddumba – “Damn Good Woman”

A tribute to women, wrapped in punchy 90s R&B, this is the new single by Swedish soulstress Sabina Ddumba:

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