In The Spotlight

ESTANI – “Droughts In The Ocean”

Upon moving to Los Angeles, this award-winning singer, songwriter and vocal coach immersed herself in the local latin jazz/pop music scene. She performed both as a lead vocalist and as background singer at festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Festival and even on The Tonight Show. Many shows followed as lead singer of her own group Ascension as well as working with Laura Pausini and Joan Sebastian.

Capturing pure emotion in a four minute vessel, while standing out like a buoy in a vast auditory sea, her plush new single is a passionate piece of powerful puissance. Starting with a wall of blazing horns, it calms down to introduce her mighty, soulful voice, only to ascend with a sleek rhythm and choral backing. Emphasizing the zeal of both words and notes, this jam shows the essence of soul.

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Music History

Garland Jeffreys – “Hail Hail Rock ‘N’ Roll”

From his album “Don’t Call Me Buckwheat” (1991):

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New Music

Allie X – “GLAM!”

Previously unreleased and bursting with vibrant neon 80s power-pop vibes, this is the new single by Allie X:

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