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Natalie Joly – “Will You Ever Stop”

Brimming with unbridled and passionate talent, this singer, songwriter and musician wrote her first song aged 8. Influenced by famed artists such as The Beatles, Taylor Swift and Tom Petty, she conjured up a blend of classic rock and modern pop. She debuted with “Unintentionally” in 2015 and her 2019 single “You Oughta Know” went on to win Song Of The Year at the New England Music Awards.

Walking away from love, but still wondering what might have been, her new single asks the difficult questions, wrapped in a feel-good mix of upbeat pop, dancing rock guitars and a touch of country twang. Not only written by herself, she also plays piano, organ and guitar, allowing her to pour her own feelings into the track. Bursting with rock energy, this jam leaves you hoping it will never stop.

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Music History

Cliff Richard – “My Kinda Life”

From his album “Every Face Tells A Story” (1977):

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New Music

Lola Lennox – “La La Love Me”

Bursting with colorful, vintage-flavored sparkle, this is the new single by British songbird Lola Lennox:

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