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Nia Wyn – “Come Home To You”

Having grown up in a small town in Wales, this eclectic singer and songwriter found solace in old blues and soul records she found in junk shops. Finding inspiration from Amy Winehouse, Isaac Hayes and Billie Holiday, she gave blues and soul her own special sauce and combined it with social conscious lyricism. She debuted with her self-titled EP in 2019 and is due to open on Paul Weller’s tour.

Giving an upbeat and contemporary pop vibe a vintage soulful layer, her new single effortlessly marries a wide spectrum of sonic influences into one, unbreakable bond. Taken from her upcoming album “Take A Seat”, expected to drop on March 19th, it’s the EDM beat, retro synths, lively bass and cheeky bells, as well as her crisp vocals and the jazzy sax solo, that makes this an exceptional groove.

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