In The Spotlight

Charlotte Lansman – “The Cage”

Born in Bristol, this British singer and songwriter had a multi-cultural upbringing thanks to her American father, English mother and secondary schooling in Wales. She’s been surrounded by genre-spanning music from a young age, ranging from Garth Brooks and The Eagles to Nina Simone and Nirvana. She debuted her distinctive jazz, soul and blues sound and poetic lyricism with “Water” in 2020.

Introducing a misty jazz atmosphere to mellow pop, her new single is more an auditory experience than simply a song. Expertly layering the smooth rhythm, enchanting strings and jazzy brass, she forges a scrumptious, slightly shimmering soundscape. And by adding a touch of soul with her rich, contralto voice singing about resentment in relationships, she has created a fresh, one-of-a-kind jam.

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