In The Spotlight

Katie O’Malley – “Taste The Dirt”

Hailing from Manchester, this British songstress has been exciting audiences at shows and festivals across the country. Together with her Americana band they blend country, folk, soul and blues into a powerful sound. She debuted with the single “Beg” in 2014, went on to support Beth Rowley and Kimmie Rhodes and had her song “Piece Of The Pie” featured in the 2020 Netflix film “Kissing Booth 2”.

Pushing raw, emotive blues to its absolute limits and by adding some 70s rock pushing it just a tad more, on her new single both the melody and the lyrics tell their own woeful story. With fierce guitar riffs, invigorating drums and a touch of country twang creating an image of a dark, smoky bar in the bayou and her passionate vocals, full of rasp, grit and fervor, this groove sets every note on fire!

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