In The Spotlight

Molly Burman – “Fool Me With Flattery”

When you are born with a father who was a performing bass player, a mother who was an Irish singer and a respected jazz musician as a granddad, a career in music was always on the cards. This British singer/songwriter wrote her first song with her father when she was 6 years young and hasn’t long finished music college. Inspired by Joni Mitchell, she blends emotional lyricism with indie pop.

Making a carefully crafted melody sound effortless, her debut single tackles misogyny with a laid-back vibe and razor-sharp lyrics. With a driving rhythm, vintage-dipped guitar plucks and dreamy harmonies painting an auditory landscape, it’s her dazzling vocals merging a sixties sound with a modern edge while expressing the relatable caustic words, that make this debut worth every form of flattery.

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