In The Spotlight

Omar Coleman – “Strange Times”

Born and raised in Chicago, this singer and songwriter grew up immersed in soul music. Initially working as a barber, he found himself in the music shop at quiet times, where he fell in love with the harmonica. Spicing up pure authentic blues with funk and soul revival elements since 2010 and inspired by blues legends like Buddy Guy and Howlin’ Wolf, he released his 2015 album “Born & Raised”.

Reflecting on the modern state of the world amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, his new single takes the relatable lyrics and pours them into a bath of blues. Being greeted by a classic blues guitar riff, it’s soon joined by a funkier take on blues. Recorded on tape on an analog Tascam 388, it’s the organic sound of the organ and brass as well as his raw and fierce vocals, that make this hot jam blues magic.

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