In The Spotlight

Joel Culpepper – “Thought About You”

Hailing from South-East London, this British singer and songwriter grew up with classic soul music from artists such as Donny Hathaway and The Temptations. His time at college added rock influences from bands like The Doobie Brothers. Cultivating his own style from modern soul with funk flourishes and his distinctive vocal tones, he debuted with his mixtape “The Adventures Of Pensmith” in 2009.

Instantly dazzling with an 80s bassline and funky guitar riffs, his new single is refreshingly groovelicious. Taken from his upcoming debut album “Sgt Culpepper”, expected on July 23rd, it’s the bopping rhythm, retro synths and his sparkling falsetto vocal acrobatics, that are dancing over the melodic juice. Sensual and spellbinding, blending neon with contemporary hues, this electrifying jam is sublime.

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