In The Spotlight

NevilleSounds – “Don’t Stop Rolling”

Born as Aaron Kieran Neville, this London-born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist created a one-of-a-kind blend of pop, rock and classic soul. Inspired by some his favourite, genre-spanning, artists, ranging from Prince and Stevie Wonder to Pearl Jam and Faith No More, he shaped a vibrant, compelling soundscape. He debuted with his ironically named single “Ending Scene” in 2019.

Giving the old-school Motown vibes their well-deserved pride of place, his new single still manages to trim the classic sound with contemporary hues. With an upbeat rhythm, bouncy bass and retro horns transporting your ears back to the swinging 60s, the ascending chorus and his deep, emotive vocals, chronicling trying to make it as an artist, add some modernity to this vintage soul banger.

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