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The Rungs – “Not In Love”

When this duo met in Ithica NY, Diwas was a guitarist in a psychedelic rock band and Mandy was studying botany. Soon however, they were writing songs together and playing shows around town. Inspired by 90s indie rock and 80s synthpop, they’ve created an uniquely refreshing strain of pop by layering electric guitars with analogue synths. They released their debut single “BFF” in 2015.

Dealing with the difficult question of how to break it to someone that you’re just not in love with them, their new single takes your heart on an emotional journey. Forging a dreamy soundscape with hypnotic vocals to slowly put your ears under its spell, the track soon slides into an 80s synth-pop touched realm. With her enchanting voice and sparkling synths, this is a mesmerizing and luscious gem.

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Music History

Bryan Ferry – “The Right Stuff”

From his album “Bête Noire” (1987):

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New Music

Malia Civetz – “Anybody But You”

From her upcoming EP “Heels In Hand”, to be released on 23 April 2021:

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