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Anna Bea – “The Art Of Not Falling Apart”

Born in London into a musical family with a singing mum who performed with Steve Winwood and Beverley Knight and a singer/songwriter sister, this British songstress has had singing lessons since she was 11. Currently studying history in Bristol, she immersed herself in the bustling local music scene. Influenced by the likes of Billy Joel and Sara Bareilles, she debuted with “Bleeding Heart” in 2020.

The exquisite production and slightly haunting melody of her new single highlights the sheer volume of her copious talent. Delicate where needed, with a mellow piano and smooth harmonies and sweeping where it can, with infectious Spanish guitar strums and rolling drums, this gem is captivating from the very first note. And with her remarkable vocal artistry, this tune is pure musical magic.

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Music History

Journey – “Wheel In The Sky”

From their album “Infinity” (1978):

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New Music

Jessica Wilde – “Body”

Giving R&B a delicious jazzy and soulful glaze, this is the new single by British songstress Jessica Wilde:

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