In The Spotlight

Tomode – “Golden Retriever”

Finding a joint love for funk and disco, this Swedish duo found the definitive blend of 70s glitter and modern Scandinavian pop. Carl Leanderson and Viktor Westerberg draw inspiration from artists ranging from Daft Punk and Robyn to George Duke and Earth, Wind & Fire. Still working regular 9 to 5 jobs, they debuted their funk-pop stylings with their disco-dipped single “Destiny No. 20” in 2020.

Glistening with the sound of gleaming synths, their new single is soaked in summery, neon 80s vibes. Bursting with elated retro pop waves, invoking images of a sunlit roadtrip down the coastline, it’s the invigorating drums, scintillating keys and optimistic lyricism, that makes this groove truly sparkle. Filled with the playfulness and joy of its namesake, this jam radiates a happiness-inducing glow.

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