In The Spotlight

Benjamin Fro – “Tired Of Waiting”

Born and raised in Amsterdam, this Dutch singer, rapper and wordsmith spent his teenage years on stage as part of the band PLeaSe. In 2017 he changed paths and presented his first Dutch-language solo album “Praten Over Leven”. Influenced by artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper and Noname, he released his groovy sound with social-critical lyrics on his second album “Behave” in 2018.

Creating an engaging track in which a plethora of diverse genres effortlessly flow together, his new single sounds both nostalgic and fresh. Whereas the electric guitars, that instantly greet you, may give you a 70s rock vibe, the verse induces images of 80s pop. With an ear-pleasing, roadtrip-ready chorus, he chronicles the course of online dating and this tune surely makes us want to swipe right.

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