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Sunny Bones – “Echoes Of You”

Hailing from Norfolk, this British duo got to know each other through their previous band Box Of Light. When the band dissolved, Helen Anderson and Ben Asker decided to continue with a sound more to their taste. Having similar music tastes, ranging from Alvvays to Dolly Parton and all of classic rock, helped create their nostalgic blend of pop with country vibes. They debuted with “Be Cool” in 2020.

Finding the perfect balance between dreamy pop and lively country is not the easiest of tasks, but on their new single they certainly make it sound effortless. With a smooth, colorful steel guitar and a laid-back rhythm the song instantly starts stroking your ears and with Helen’s refreshing country tones singing about still caring for a lost love, this vivid tune will keep on echoing in your ears.

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