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joan – “Come Over”

Consisting of Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford, this Arkansas duo has been infusing the musical world with their infectious alt-pop bops since their debut EP “Portra” dropped in 2019. They spent most of their debut year on tour supporting the likes of The Aces and Jeremy Zucker, as well as headlining across Asia. They went on to play a sold-out headline tour in their native USA in 2020.

The third installment of their two upcoming EP’s “Hi” and “Bye”, expected later in the year, encapsulates the initial spark that might evolve into love, wrapped in a late 80s, early 90s retro tinge. Crystal clear synths and a neon beat instantly spark your curiosity and lead to the bubbly chorus. With added bass plucks and a generous helping of exuberant vocals, this is one dazzling, vintage-dipped jam.

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