In The Spotlight

Ella McCready – “Fine On My Own”

Hailing from London, this talented singer, songwriter, actor and voiceover artist has been singing and creating music as long as she can remember. Daughter of cellist Ivan McCready, she started gigging professionally with her dad aged 14. Since she’s performed all over the country in rock, soul and jazz bands. With her high-spirited soul/pop solo sound, she debuted with “You Saved Me” early 2021.

Narrating the deep scars left after a toxic relationship, her new single blends empowering lyrics with a vibrant melody. Drawing inspiration from Jess Glynne and Clean Bandit, she eases us into her sonic world with a piano and her soulful vocals, before being joined by funk-infused drums, effulgent strings and a relentless hook. Bubbly, passionate and fierce, this jam is an extraordinary groove.

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