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Chadwick Station – “Coming Back For More”

Formed in the UK in 2010, but now relocated to the music capital of Nashville, this British quintet style spans across the genres, ranging from Brit pop through R&B via rock and country to classic soul. Consisting of Alvis Kensington, Ian Lancaster, Curly Maddox, John Cotner and Peter Tutt, they create their tunes depending on their mood. They debuted with their EP “Waiting For A Sunny Day” in 2013.

Adding soulful swing to their vast arsenal of musical artistry, their new single jazzes up some retro R&B and lively blues with classic big-band panache. The joyous, blazing horns are stirring your senses, while the bouncy bass and scintillating keys pad the rich melody with aural delight. Put on a suave suit and a Trilby and get ready to move, ’cause this jam will have you coming back for more.

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Music History

Pixie Lott – “Mama Do”

From her album “Turn It Up” (2009):

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New Music

Vistas – “Stuck In Your Head”

From their upcoming album “What Were You Hoping To Find?”, to be released on 20 August 2021:

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