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DEVADO – “Don’t Let The Boys Know”

Based in Munich, German-American singer/songwriter Debby van Dooren feels most at home in her home studio, where she writes, records and produces all her music. She also collaborates with other songwriters and producers and works as a voice-over artist. Inspired by the likes of Timbaland, Missy Elliott and Pharrell Williams, she debuted her own distinctive sound with “Call My Name” in 2020.

Giving contemporary R&B/pop blended vibes an unique twist, there have been no instruments used on her latest single. Everything you hear is created using her incredible voice and body percussion. With every fingersnap, every sound, every beat expertly layered into one harmonious whole, she dedicates the song to real, supportive girls. Sounding phenomenal, this is one track you want to know.

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Music History

Prince – “The One U Wanna C”

From his album “Planet Earth” (2007):

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New Music

Vanessa Amorosi – “Muhammad”

From her upcoming EP “Volume 2”, to be released 11 June 2021:

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