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Rocky Collin – “Running Into You”

Born as Raquel Willand, this sophisticated singer and songwriter started her career as front woman for the indie-rock band Panic Baby. In that role she won the award for Best Vocalist from the Phoenix New Times in 2018. Following several singles, an album and an electric live show, she chose a solo path in 2020. She adopted a new moniker and released her debut single “Heartache”.

With true sparkling instrumentation and romantically-laced lyrics, her new single has a delectable retro sound. From the infectious bass line and the irresistible rhythm, to the glittering synths and funky vibes, this track merges an array of various influences. And with her refreshing, soulful vocals singing about the thrill of romantic pursuit, she gives those vintage sounds a suitable modern twist.

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Music History

Kool & The Gang – “Love Festival”

From their album “Celebrate!” (1980):

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New Music

MARINA – “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land”

From her upcoming album “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land”, to be released on 11 June 2021:

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