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Cooper Bloom – “Drinkin’ Alone”

A performer since the age of two, this Canadian singer, songwriter and dancer focused on competitive dancing through his childhood and teenage years, before turning to music. Part of the LGBTQIA+ community, he pours essential values like inclusivity, strength and love into his lyrics. Blending Dua Lipa’s Disco sparkles and Lady Gaga’s powerhouse Pop, he’s created a fresh, yet timeless sound.

Showing his vulnerable side in his honest lyrics, his new single chronicles his realization that drinking excessively to deal with the hard times was not a healthy way to cope. Wrapped in dazzling and upbeat melodic vibes, it’s the vigorous funky rhythm, uplifting chorus and electronic gadgetry that makes this a bubbly tune for his crisp vocals to lift your spirits while being inspiring at the same time.

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Music History

Eliza Doolittle – “Big When I Was Little”

From her album “In Your Hands” (2013):

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New Music

Bleachers – “Stop Making This Hurt”

From their upcoming album “Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night”, to be released on 30 July 2021:

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