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Anna-Sophie – “Let Me In”

Named after her two grandmothers, this Austrian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist learned from a young age to sing, play the piano and guitar and of course drive a tractor. She’s also passionate about sports and advocacy in the eating disorder community. Currently living and studying in Switzerland, she introduced her bubbly pop sound on her 2020 debut single “Bad Habits”.

Sparkling with Katy Perry-esque contemporary fun-loving glitz, her new single sounds like pure joy in a melodic gift. Guiding us in with mellow synths and her seductive voice is a mere vessel to the bouncy, scintillating chorus. Filled with catchy hooks, vibrant electronic keys and her zesty vocal grit sending sunbeams from every note, this is a cheerful, effervescent groove you definitely want to let in.

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Music History

Morris Day – “The Oak Tree”

From his album “Color Of Success” (1985):

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New Music

Brooke Eden – “Got No Choice”

Blending vintage soul with a country bounce in one joyous package, this is the new single by Brooke Eden:

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