In The Spotlight

Kara Connolly – “Something More”

Hailing from San Diego, this singer and songwriter grew up on the disco music of her dad and the sounds of NSYNC and Madonna. She organically started writing songs at a very young age. Also an actress, she first appeared in the 2002 movie “Whiplash” with Ernest Borgnine aged 7. She debuted with “Life In Rear View” in 2018 and played the famed Peppermint Club and The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles.

Constructed from rich multi-layered instrumentation and relatable storytelling, her new single is coated in 90’s-styled alternative pop opulence. Laying the foundation with a simple bass pluck and her luscious voice, it truly finds its feet when it comes to life in the feel-good chorus. Filled with various tasty melodic elements and delightful harmonies, this soaring groove leaves you wanting more.

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Music History

Barry Manilow – “Everything’s Gonna Be All Right”

From his album “15 Minutes” (2011):

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New Music

Rebecca Black – “Worth It For The Feeling”

From her upcoming album “Rebecca Black Was Here”, to be released on 16 June 2021:

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