In The Spotlight

Ruby Francis – “Jasmine”

Raised on a steady diet of soul and funk in a musical family, this London-based singer, songwriter, producer and musician is inspired by the likes of Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind & Fire. She started learning piano aged 10 and soon began writing songs. Now writing for other artists and being an established music producer as well, she debuted her solo work with “Fall Asleep” in 2017.

Drawing inspiration of The Neptunes and adding it into the vintage R&B/soul mix, her new single is a sweet smooth groove. Where the beat has a retro bounce, the bassline reverberates in your stomach and the keys sparkle, it’s her velvety, flirtatious R&B vocals, singing about an obsession for a girl she’s never met, that add passion and pizzazz. Alluring, magical and suave, this is pure R&B gold.

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