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Robin Pitts – “Life”

Soaked in music since birth, this multi-talented artist is the son of drummer and singer Vic Pitts and stems from a long lineage of gifted musicians. Together with his father, brother and cousin, he founded his first band named “Power Funk Family” aged 18. Rooted in gospel, soul and funk, he’s a rapper, singer, drummer, beat-maker, author and composer. Early 2020 he debuted with “I Been Gone”.

Putting joy, positivity and love in the limelight during these trying times, his 4th single injects a funky vaccine of fun. Opening with a funkalicious electric guitar, a highly infectious beat and a poignant, inspirational rap, it erupts with joyous and uplifting vibes. With some dazzling synth action and a blend of soulful vocals and rapping zeal, this gleeful groove definitely makes the world a happier place.

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One thought on “Robin Pitts – “Life”

  1. A big thanks and shout out to Jansen’s Jam for the love and support and the quality of the review on my last Single ! Happy new year to all of you Peace Love and Positivity for 2021 !


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