In The Spotlight

Sydni Cole – “Fall Anyway”

Hailing from Northern California and, via the suburbs of Chicago, now Nashville-based, this empowering singer and songwriter is putting her own stamp on the country music scene. Having grown up listening to a mix of classic country and classic rock, she’s created an unique blend. Inspired by the likes of Dolly Parton, Jackson Browne and The Chicks, she debuted with “Dirt Road Daisy” in 2020.

Uniting a classic country twang with mild pop sensibilities and melodic rock guitars, her new single is a delicious country experience. Adding some acoustic piano into the mix, it’s her refreshing and wholesome vocals narrating the story of a budding romance that make this upbeat tune sparkle. With a rousing instrumentation and just enough classic tones, this zesty jam is pure country bliss.

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