In The Spotlight

Michael Oakley – “Real Life”

Born in Glasgow in 1982, this Scottish singer, songwriter, musician and producer honed his craft working the cover band scene in his home town. In 2016 he moved to Los Angeles, but settled in Canada in 2018. He played the Outland Festival in both Glasgow and Toronto. Drawing inspiration from artists like the Pet Shop Boys, Sting and Depeche Mode, he debuted with “Turn Back Time” in 2016.

Sounding like a long lost gem from dusty vaults from the 80s, his new single celebrates the cinematic synthwave sound of the decade. Taken from his album “Odyssey”, the track blends a power pop ballad with elements of retro rock. With a sparkle from the full-bodied synths and seductive sax, it’s his Phil Collins-like vocals that make this bewitching tune a welcome sonic journey to yesteryear.

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