In The Spotlight

Catterina – “Inconvenience”

Native to Brooklyn, New York, this emerging singer and songwriter discovered her passion for music aged 14. In 2016 she formed a band called Roses In April and started performing locally to hone her craft. Now Houston-based, she draws inspiration from artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, Lizzy McAlpine and LÉON. Blending blues, folk, R&B and jazz, she released her debut single “Wasted Time” in 2021.

Starting with a vintage-touched smoothness, her new single joins complex instrumentation with heartfelt lyrics. After a serene intro, the song soon comes to life with a velvety rhythm, mellow guitars and sleek keys. While incorporating elements of classic soul with touches of jazz and underlying contemporary tones, it’s the profuse richness of her vocals, that makes this sound truly special.

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