In The Spotlight

FKB – “Beautiful Fantasy”

Formed in Bonnyville, this Canadian high-energy quartet is fronted by award-winning songwriter Drew Shalka and consists further of Travis Topylki, Derek Chalut and Alex Fedorouk. They’ve played over 200 shows and entered the Jim Beam National Talent Search in 2019. Inspired by The Beatles and Elvis Presley as well as The Weeknd and Foster The People, they debuted with their EP “123 FKB” in 2014.

Bursting with kaleidoscopic neon flashes and a vividly irresistible feel-good vibe, their new single finds a balance between 80s glamour and contemporary glitz. Driven by a playful rhythm, funkalicious bassline and sizzling synths, this infectious tune is as nostalgic as it is fresh. And with the suave falsetto of the vocals, this bubbly and vibrant groove is a danceable figment of their sonic imagination.

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