In The Spotlight

Gen Bello – “Crash”

Hailing from the musical hotspot that is Harlem in New York City, this versatile singer and songwriter grew up doing musical theatre and chasing the Broadway dream. However, love and heartbreak pushed her to songwriting. Drawing inspiration from artists like Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys and Kehlani, she sculpted her own R&B/pop blend. She debuted her current moniker on “Intoxicated” in 2020.

Smooth as spun silk and dipped in a bath of genuine soul, this track puts you under its spell from the very first note. Taken from her debut EP “Geneses” – a reference to her full name – it’s the mellow synth sparkles, the infectious beats and her velvety, multi-harmonic vocals that douse a 90s-infused R&B tune in pure magic. Outstanding and utterly mesmerizing, this song is true sonic enchantment.

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