In The Spotlight

Albert Gold – “Want Me”

Looking for a way to write a diary as a child, this Hackney-based singer and songwriter found that music was the right vehicle to express himself. He’s attended the British Academy Of New Music in Stratford and played showcases for BBC Introducing and Sofar Sounds. Inspired by the legendary Luther Vandross, as well as Prince, he debuted his lush soulful pop sound on his single “Feel Safe” in 2014.

Brewing an ear-pleasing musical beverage of soul-tinged flavors, his new single is an easy-going cocktail of classic tones and contemporary R&B smoothness. Taken from his upcoming EP “Patterns”, expected on October 29th, it’s the laid-back rhythms, sleek synths and enticing bass line, that enrich his sweet vocals, while singing about love, kinship and family, and make this juicy jam very wanted.

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