In The Spotlight

Triptides – “So Many Days”

With a sound compared to a sonic hybrid of The Byrds and Pink Floyd, this Californian trio creates a sun-drenched blend of psychedelia and retro pop. Consisting of Glenn Brigman, Brendan Peleo-Lazar and Stephen Burns, they’ve played various festivals such as Desert Daze and Barcelona Psych Fest and toured the West-Coast as well as Europe. They released their debut single “Going Under” in 2011.

Despite the arrival of the cold winter weather outside, the title-track of their new EP brings the warmth of the Californian sun inside. With a distinct 70s-styled folk-pop vibe from the acoustic guitar, mellow drums and the country-esque steel-guitar producing a vintage-dipped, laid-back melodic haze, it’s the dreamy vocals that forges their airy, resplendent and nostalgic summertime reverie.

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