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Hannah Grace – “With You”

Hailing from Bridgend in South Wales, this millennial songstress is gifted with a timeless, decade-spanning vocal dexterity. Steeped in melancholy, as well as soaring with panache, her voice bridges jazz, gospel, blues and folk. She supported Hozier on his tour and releases her music through Gabrielle Aplin’s label Never Fade Records. Her debut EP “Meant To Be Kind” was released in 2014.

Her latest single wraps a smooth blend of pop, jazz and a touch of gospel around her awe-inspiring, soulful voice to create something truly exquisite. The melodious mix of stirring, organic piano, a vitalizing beat and a hint of horns give it a delightful, retro flavor, while the stunning choral harmonies and her dazzling, vintage-dipped vocals make it a beautiful, jaw-dropping musical delicacy full of charm.

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