In The Spotlight

Sonia Elisheva – “State Of Mind”

Growing up in the UK with an English mother and a Russian father, this sultry British singer and songwriter was raised on a host of different influences, including jazz, R&B, soul and pop. She began honing her craft at open mic nights, turning pop songs into jazz covers. Inspired by Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, she debuted as a featured artist on Glenn Gatsby’s “Every Now And Then” in 2021.

Giving her electro-swing roots a steamy jazz makeover, her new single is an alluring sonic seduction. Taken from her new EP “Hummingbird”, it’s the sleek keys, smooth rhythm and sensuous saxophone that conjures up images of a smoky jazz bar, while her tantalizing, honey-dipped vocals lure you inside. And once she’s got you in a melodic trance, there’s no escaping the charm of this silken siren.

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In Memoriam

Bronski Beat – “C’mon! C’mon!”

Steve Bronski, founder and keyboard player of Bronski Beat, passed away yesterday, aged 61.

From their album “Truthdare Doubledare (1986):

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New Music

Kim Petras – “Coconuts”

With a whimsical funky vibe and cheeky lyrics, this is the new single by L.A.-based German artist Kim Petras:

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