In The Spotlight

Natasha Blaine – “Paris Again”

Hailing from Seattle, this velveteen singer and songwriter has been singing jazz since she was 6 years young. She moved to Nashville in 2018 to study English and vocal jazz at Vanderbilt University and in 2021 became the first jazz vocalist to graduate. Inspired by legendary vocalists like Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse and Ella Fitzgerald, she debuted with “I Don’t Want To Break Your Heart” in 2020.

Dripping in dreamy nostalgia, while dealing with a feeling of loss and hopelessness, her new single is a mesmerizing masterpiece. Radiating a rich, comforting warmth from the mellow guitar, she injects some oomph with a punchy rhythm and enchanting piano. And with her charismatic and soulful vocals fusing smooth jazz with a touch of pop, this soft jam conjures images of sultry nights by the Seine.

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Music History

Roger Daltrey – “Walking In My Sleep”

From his album “Parting Should Be Painless” (1984):

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New Music

Cat Burns – “Free”

Blending hints of R&B, soul and gospel into one delicious smooth groove, this is the new single by Cat Burns:

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