In The Spotlight

Nikita Bassi – “Find Out”

Having grown up near Birmingham, this British singer and songwriter later moved to London to study music. Raised on a varied diet of musical influences, ranging from Julie London to Terence Trent D’arby, she includes an array of sonic textures in her music. Supported by BBC Radio 1 as well as acclaimed publications such as Rolling Stone, she debuted her sensual R&B sound on her EP “Satin” in 2019.

Adding a layer of silk to every, carefully placed note, her new single tells the story about an euphoric, yet ill-fated relationship. Taken from her upcoming EP “Chapters, expected to drop early next year, she’s created a satiny soundscape with delicate piano, bouncy electronic beat and warm bass line. And with her crisp, enchanting vocals, this stylish tune is filled with rich, atmospheric elegance.

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Music History

Pablo Cruise – “Whatcha Gonna Do?”

From their album “A Place In The Sun” (1977):

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New Music

Jaira Burns – “Sweatpants”

With a whimsical reggae-pop blend, this is the new single by singer and songwriter Jaira Burns:

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