In The Spotlight

John Brazell – “Outta My Head”

When he wasn’t skateboarding or playing sports growing up, this Californian singer/songwriter spent his time with a guitar in his hand. This led to him earning a bachelor degree in music at Azusa Pacific University. He’s always performing, honing his craft, and had songs featured on TV shows such as The CW’s “Reign”. He debuted his joyful folk and pop blend on his EP “Gonna Get There” in 2009.

Fusing his skill as a storyteller with an infectious melody, his new single is an ingenious amalgam of various genres. The track starts with a lively beat and 80s-touched synth chords, before he joins in with his country-esque vocals. Accompanied by lighthearted banjo strums, he leads the tune into a sprightly pop chorus. And all these elements coalesce into a luscious upbeat jam filled with sonic cheer.

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