In The Spotlight

Whiskey Myers – “Antioch”

Hailing from Palestine in Texas, this sextet of Southern rockers got their start when friends Cody Cannon and John Jeffers began learning the guitar together. Since then they’ve expanded their line-up with four more musicians, played festivals worldwide and had songs featured in TV shows such as Yellowstone. Inspired by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Waylon Jennings, they debuted with “Road To Life” in 2008.

Having enriched their bare-knuckle country-rock sound with gospel-styled backing singers and invigorating funky horns, their new single is a booze-drenched explosion of sonic TNT. Taken from their upcoming album “Tornillo”, expected on July 29th, it’s the wild guitars, potent drums and raw vocal grit telling a tragic story that give this genre-bending jam a high-voltage burst of phonic energy.

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